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What is Jigsaw Office

JigsawOffice is a program designed and developed with a reference of online social networking like Facebook or Twitter. We focus on secure enterprise social networking in offices with revolutionizing internal corporate communications, collaboration, interaction, discussion and exchange of information within organizations.

This program supports work from everywhere at everytime through Cloud Computing. It can replace old-styled Intranet/Extranet systems that no one uses or resolve their problems.

Key Features

  • Working together Working Together - JigsawOffice the same team. Make a difference. (Collaboration), talk to communicate.For a variety of file-sharing through a single system.
  • Sharing together Sharing Together - Jigsaw Office will help society. And cultural knowledge of the organization.To build knowledge of the organization of daily work life.
  • Learning Together Learning Together - Together to learn from the data post.From the Wall, as well as from the Knowledge Directory.According to the organization's right to access the information.
  • Communication Together Communication Together - Communication within the organization is not broken or missing, with a Personal Message that will let you know who read or unread messages are sent from the organization or theircolleagues. Or any other line of work.
  • More than Files and Document center More than Files & Document Center Rather than store the files in the File Server but JigsawOffice will give you the details of the files very easily and the ability to exercise.
  • Community Together Community Together - Enterprise Microblogging with the support post as the link text and image files to various video formats including Embed submitted by various people in the organization together.
More Features
  • Data Warehouse Data Warehouse - The system can communicate. Collaboration. Store data files. Log of the organization. To create a Data Warehouse to bring it back to life in the future.
  • Knowledge Management Knowledge Management (KM) - Knowledge creation,management and storage of various organizations to support both normal and split the rights to access the data. To apply their knowledge to other learning or transmitted from generation to generation.
  • Corporate Brand Identity Corporate Brand Identity - Communication and awareness about the Corporate Brand identity.The organization through which you can customize JigsawOffice skin,.design, background is required.
  • Work with Top Third-Party Work with top third-party - JigsawOffice Online Application is compatible with a wide range of leading example.Google, Slideshare, Youtube to the ability of those programs. Used in business.
  • Task and Plan Task & Plan - Users can plan. Administration and management of their own.Including the tracking task with a colleague.Monitor work load and various delays.
  • Profile Profile - Store information about all employees of the organization. Contact information for the study. Experience, ability, expertise, Philosophy, like scrap. The various activities like.
  • Group - Community of Practices Group (Community of Practices (CoP) - Group to create and manage a small network within your organization. To build a small community formed an organization to the larger society.
  • Filter System Filter system - Easy to select a different view on- demand systems require such informationto view only the unread messages only, or a file or link.
  • No Hardware, No Software, No Install, 
                No Headache No Hardware, No Software, No Install, No Headache. Supports both Internet and Cloud Computing, and Co-Location services from a team that will help reduce the burden JigsawOffice different to you.
  • Save cost for training Save cost for training - Jigsawoffice Capture Knowledge Tools is compatible with various media to create a learning system in the video. Training Management System, and added to the training and education to theemployees easily.